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Appliance Repair Brandon FL | Valrico | Lutz | Lithia | South Tampa

Mr. Appliance of Tampa Bay

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We have:

  • Highest Better Business Bureau rating
  • Professional Repair Technicians
  • Diagnostic fee waived with repair
  • Bonded
  • No over time charges
  • $20 coupon with any service or repair - not valid towards service charge
  • Guarantee on parts and service
  • Same day/next day service
  • Commercial/residential services

We’re not your run-of-the-mill appliance repair service. At Mr. Appliance of Tampa Bay, we supply clearly marked vehicles, professional technicians and state-of-the art equipment to both quickly diagnose, and perform appliance repair in Tampa, Brandon and the surrounding areas. Mr. Appliance will help you save both time and money.

The price we quote you is the price you pay. You pay by the job, not by the hour, so if it takes us longer than expected, you have no need to worry.

Kitchen Repair Brandon FL | Valrico | Lutz | Lithia | South Tampa

In the

Whether you’re cooking with gas or electricity, Mr. Appliance can help when things go wrong. Do you operate a gourmet kitchen, favor high-tech digital appliances, or depend on your microwave and wine cooler? You can count on our customer-focused, expert appliance technicians to maintain your high-end kitchen.

In the Kitchen

Laundry Appliance Service Brandon FL | Valrico | Lutz | Lithia | South Tampa


When something goes wrong with your washer or clothes dryer don’t attempt do-it-yourself fixes that don’t last. For the best results, leave your laundry room equipment repair to the dependable experts at Mr. Appliance. We’re familiar with all makes and models, from older units to the most modern, energy efficient, full-featured laundry equipment. We take care of complex repairs quickly and also offer cost-effective preventive maintenance.

Laundry Room

Dryer Vent Cleaning Brandon FL | Valrico | Lutz | Lithia | South Tampa

Dryer Vent

Neglected dryer vents can be a source of household fire and a carbon monoxide hazard. That’s because lint gradually builds up deep within vent piping, even if you clean your lint trap after every load. Mr. Appliance uses specialized equipment to clean deep within the vent pipe, typically from outside the house. After cleaning, your dryer will operate more efficiently and safely. We also offer regular preventive maintenance to prevent hazardous buildup in the future.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Refrigerator Repair Brandon FL | Valrico | Lutz | Lithia | South Tampa

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator operation can affect not only your pocketbook, but also your health. Defective and malfunctioning parts and improper or neglected maintenance can result in a refrigerator that takes a huge chunk out of your budget in energy and grocery costs. To make matters worse, temperature fluctuations resulting from these issues can cause bacteria growth and spoiled food that can make you and your family sick. When was the last time you had your refrigerator serviced?

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